Your Safety

Fire Escape Hoods

Fire escape hoods support our firefighters with the rescues and evacuations from fire-related emergencies, offering protection from smoke and hazardous gases. 

Fire escape hoods are carried and fitted by all firefighters in emergency incidents which involves wearing breathing apparatus (BA) to enter fire-related emergencies. Our firefighters will assess the incident and, if appropriate, will offer a hood to a member of the public unable to escape a building due to the presence of smoke or fire gases, or who may be exposed to smoke or fire gases while being rescued or evacuated.

How to put them on

Firefighters will briefly explain how the fire escape hood is fitted and assist if required. There are instructional pictures on the fire escape hood packaging which can be used if required to assist firefighter’s communications with members of the public.


Read our FAQ on fire escape hoods

The hoods are pulled over the individual wearer’s head and a tight seal offers protection from smoke and hazardous gases. This means the only air an individual will breathe will pass through a specialist filter, which removes any hazardous gases to deliver clean, safe air for 15 minutes.

No attempt to fit the hood against the recipient’s wishes will be undertaken.

Once fitted, the wearer will either be guided to safely by the firefighters or firefighters will stay with the wearer until a safe exit route is established.