We need your help in protecting the countryside and outdoor areas. Before your trip, check out the Scottish Outdoor Access Code for safety tips.

Reducing deliberate fires

Deliberate fires can endanger lives and harm communities. It's important to take steps to prevent them in your area and keep everyone safe.

Road safety

In addition to fires, we also handle serious road traffic collisions.

Rubbish and refuse

Rubbish and refuse fires are common and dangerous. Simple actions can reduce the likelihood of outdoor fires.


Wildfires pose a significant danger as they can quickly spread and change direction, leaping from one area to another. Follow our safety guidelines to keep your home and family safe from wildfires.

Water safety

Find out how to stay safe when near or in water. We also have advice on fishing, boat, and swimming safety.

Fireworks and bonfires

Advice on firework and bonfire safety, resources for teachers, and how to prepare a home firework display.