Wildfires pose a significant danger as they can quickly spread and change direction, leaping from one area to another. Follow our safety guidelines to keep your home and family safe from wildfires.

Create a safety zone

Creating a safety zone around your home is the best way to prevent wildfire loss, damage, or injury. This should extend out for at least 10 metres in all directions. Clear the area of flammable objects and keep it in good condition. Vegetation doesn't need to be removed, and the area doesn't need concrete cover. Manage the space around buildings and remove flammable vegetation to reduce the risk of fire damage.

Clean up the safety zone

  • Clear debris, trees and ensure fences have accessible gates
  • Keep lawn short (75mm or less) around buildings
  • Keep a 3m space around fuel tanks in gravel, rock or short-mown grass
  • Install smoke alarms on each floor of your home and check them weekly
  • Consult the power company for advice on branches close to power lines

The aerial view of the Golspie wildfire shows how dangerous they are.

Fire and other hazards

  • Consider composting instead of burning leaves or debris
  • Check for fire restrictions and permits before lighting any outdoor fire. Avoid burning during high winds, high temperatures, and low humidity
  • Always have a shovel available and connect your garden hose before you start the fire
  • Only use fire-safe pits or containers for recreational fires, and completely extinguish fire before leaving
  • Never burn if smoke and flames are blowing towards your home or your neighbour’s home
  • Wait until the ashes are cold before disposing of them
  • Store flammable materials in approved safety cans in a fire-resistant metal or brick building or your garage

Access for our fire crews

  • Give fire control room staff detailed information, including the best access point
  • Stand by the access point if it's safe and talk to fire crews when they arrive
  • Ensure your house number or house name is visible from the road so we can find you quickly

In mid-summer, when the vegetation is fully leaved, go to the road and see if you can read your number. If you cannot you may need to move the sign or make it bigger. Remember that at times smoke or darkness may make it harder to see your details.

Wildfire strategy

Our wildfire strategy to enhance our ability to fight wildfires. It addresses wildfire risks in Scotland with updated management, training, and technology. The plan is to introduce fire stations with different equipment and PPE for emergency responders.


This information is also available in our wildfires leaflet.