At home

The majority of fires in the home are accidental. Find out how to prevent fires and keep everyone safe.

Smoke and heat alarms

Fire and smoke alarms are essential for home safety. Learn about what to buy, how to install them, and why you need them in your home

In an emergency

Find out what to do in an emergency to escape a fire quickly and safely

Escape plan

Learn how to create an escape plan for getting everyone out as quickly and safely as possible

Bedtime checks

Simple bedtime checks to prevent potential fire hazards

Candle safety

Essential tips and guidelines for safely using candles, tea-lights, oil lamps, and essential oil burners.

Kitchen safety

More fires start in the kitchen that anywhere else in the home. The following guide will provide you with advice to help prevent kitchen fires.

Heating and gas

To keep warm and safe follow our guides on how to use heating sources in the home.