Telecare home care systems

Find out what a telecare system is and how it can help those vulnerable to be more fire safe

What is a telecare system?

Having a telecare system in place ensures 24/7 connection to an alarm receiving centre.

It is essentially a small unit connected to a telephone line.

The user has access to a personal trigger alarm, which looks like a wristband.

This wristband can be easily triggered in the event of an emergency.

When activated, the trigger will alert emergency services or a carer/family member.

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How may telecare help me?

Telecare systems are often useful to those who are elderly or disabled, or who live alone.

Anyone with mobility issues or at risk of falling may also benefit from a telecare system.

The system may also be of use to those with learning difficulties or sensory impairments.

If interested, we would encourage you visit the Telecare Self-Check tool. It will help you find out:

  • what telecare services householders might benefit from
  • who to contact about telecare in their local area

The SFRS can also offer an enhanced home fire safety aligned to a linked fire detection system.

Linked fire detection systems ensure the early detection of fire. and offer reassure to families and carers.

Arrange a home fire safety visit

We would recommend anyone with concerns for an elderly or vulnerable person to arrange a home fire safety visit.

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