Rubbish and refuse

Rubbish and refuse fires are common and dangerous. Simple actions can reduce the likelihood of outdoor fires.

Rubbish and Refuse Fires

Around 50% of outdoor fires we respond to each year involve rubbish or fly-tipped materials. That's approximately 11,000 fires.

You can take some very simple steps to help us reduce the risk and frequency of refuse fires. These are:

  • storing your rubbish in a secure area.
  • keeping your garage and shed locked as well as your home.
  • keeping all flammable liquids locked away.
  • being alert to strangers loitering in your street.
  • reporting any build-up of rubbish to your local authority or community fire station.
  • reporting¬†any fly-tipping direct to your local authority.


  • allow rubbish to block escape routes.
  • store rubbish by doors, windows or other openings.
  • store bins or sacks up against your home.
  • overfill your bin or leave rubbish around it.
  • smoke in or around storage areas.
  • fly-tip materials or leave rubbish to build up outdoors.