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Our consultation results

Consultation Results

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Earlier in 2018, we launched a public consultation - Your Service Your Voice - which set out a vision for transforming the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service to do so much more for the people of Scotland.

We thank everyone who took part for sharing their views, knowledge and insight.

The incredible 1563 contributions showed overall support for the vision for transformation - we welcome this, as it shows that respondents see how our proposals will benefit the communities we serve.  There was also overwhelming support for the use of the latest technology, skilling firefighters to meet new risks, and improved remuneration for firefighters to respond to these risks as part of an expanded role.

The analysis of all responses - carried out independently by the University of Edinburgh - can now be viewed. Individual responses are available below.

Like any consultation, there are areas that require further explanation and assurance - such as training and operational capacity to take on a broader role, as well as future role definition and delivery model.

We are already working on an action plan to directly address these very areas, as it is vital that we are able to show how we will deliver a transformed Service.

Our aim is to continue meaningful and open engagement with you - the people and communities of Scotland we serve - as we develop the detail of our plans to deliver our transformation vision. In the meantime, we will carefully review all of the feedback to see where that will allow us to directly shape those plans. 

You can view our proposals in the consultation document

Please note this consultation is now closed, but we ask you to continue to engage and share your views, as your voice will help us shape the right solutions. We regularly seek your views on our Consultation Hub


Individual Reponses

FBU Consultation Response
GMB Scotland Consultation Response