Equality and diversity

Our commitment to equality and diversity

Our commitment

Equality and diversity is an important part of our working culture. This includes our employment practices, the services we provide and the values we work to.

We aim to provide services that meet the needs of our diverse and changing communities. We deliver a bespoke frontline emergency response, and safety and prevention education.

Our website is designed with accessibility in mind. To find out more, read our accessibility statement.

Equality Act 2010 and our public sector equality duties

We aim to exceed the legal requirements for public bodies and employers. The Equality Act 2010 (Specific Duties) (Scotland) Regulations 2012 sets out the following duties:

To impact assess and review policies and practices

We mainstream equality by developing our policies and practices with people in mind. We also use the equality and human rights impact assessment process to achieve this.

To publish a mainstreaming report

We publish our reports every two years. Our current Mainstreaming and Equality Outcomes Report 2021-2023 is available to download.

Previous reports are available from publications.

To identify and publish equality outcomes

We include our equality outcomes in our mainstreaming and equality outcome reports. They set out an ambitious programme for:

  • service delivery
  • employment practices
  • working with partners
  • support for Scotland's youth

Each outcome is relevant to all protected characteristics - outlined in the Equality Act 2010.
We align our outcomes to our Strategic Plan and Annual Operating Plan. They also come down to directorate level planning.

Equality outcomes 2021-23

  1. SFRS services are accessible and appropriate to the needs of Scotland’s diverse communities.
  2. Scotland will be a safer and fairer place as a result of our collaborative work with other organisations.
  3. SFRS is an inclusive employer with a workplace which reflects the diversity of Scottish society.
  4. SFRS staff feel valued and have the opportunity to achieve their full potential.
  5. SFRS employees are supported on mental health and wellbeing in line with policies and initiatives.
  6. SFRS will support Scotland’s young people reach their full potential.

To publish an equal pay and gender pay gap report

Our Equal Pay and Gender Pay Gap Report for 2023 sets out our approach to ensuring pay equality. It also outlines the current gender pay gap, and the percentage of men and women working in particular sections and levels of our Service.

Our workforce doesn't represent the communities we serve. The report explains the work we're doing to aid this.

Previous reports are available from publications.

To consider the use of equality criteria in the public procurement process

It is important to us that the goods and services we buy are suitable for their intended use. It is also important to us that the suppliers meet our high standards on equality. Our Procurement Team can assist those wishing to do business with us.