Firework safety for schools and community groups

Fireworks safety information for schools and community groups

Presentation and lesson plans

Raising awareness of the serious dangers associated with fireworks and bonfires is important to us. To help teachers, youth workers and those who run a local community group, we have created a set of presentations. Awareness helps to reduce the risk of injury to our children and young people.

Our PowerPoint presentation is designed for young people in P6-P7 and S1-S2. The presentation should not be delivered to pupils out with the age range.

Primary school (P6-P7):

Secondary school (S1-S2):

Bonfire safety videos

Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service, Merseyside Police and North West Ambulance Service (NHS Trust) have created videos around bonfire safety.

The video is a drama based on actual incidents that have occurred in Merseyside over the bonfire period. The aim is to demonstrate numerous dangers during this time and to promote areas of concern. It also covers key safety messages and areas of best practice.

Due to the nature and the video, it should not be delivered to pupils out with this age range.

The junior bonfire safety video film may be watched by P6 to P7 pupils.

The senior bonfire safety video can be watched by S1 to S6 secondary pupils.

A range of resources to support you to deliver key safety messages has also been provided by the UK Government.

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