Risk of wildfire is very high in the South and West of Scotland

The latest wildfire warning has been issued and identifies a very high risk for South and West of Scotland.

The warning is in place on Wednesday, 24 April and Thursday, 25 April.

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) is urging the public not to light up a fire outdoors. Even with the best of intentions, there is still a risk that fire can spread. For example, if someone lights a fire and doesn’t fully extinguish it before they leave, it can have devastating consequences.

Group Commander Niall McLennan is one of SFRS’s Wildfire Tactical Advisors. He said:

People living in the South and West of Scotland should be extra cautious over the next few days and think twice before using anything involving a naked flame outdoors.

“The key issues over the next few days are sunshine, warm air temperatures, low humidity and moderate to strong winds.

“During this period of high risk, fires could ignite easily, spread fast and burn with high intensity.”

Image of south and west Scotland
Wildfire warning for south and west Scotland on Wednesday, 24 April and Thursday, 25 April

Firefighters tackled an average of one wildfire every day across Scotland during spring and early summer last year. There were 133 incidents between March and June 2023, typically the busiest time of the year for wildfires in Scotland.

Human behaviour can significantly lower the chance of a wildfire starting, so it is crucial that people act safely and responsibly in rural environments, and always follow the Scottish Outdoor Access Code.

SFRS issues wildfire warning in conjunction with the Scottish Wildfire Forum.