Outdoor safety important as ‘very high’ wildfire warning continues for Scotland

As another wildfire warning is put in place across Scotland, members of the public are being cautioned that even the smallest fire can spread uncontrollably and devastate entire hillsides.

A ‘very high’ warning for an increased risk of wildfires begins today (Wednesday, 7 June) and runs until Saturday, 10 June.

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) warns that many rural and remote communities are hugely impacted by wildfires, which can cause significant environmental and economic damage.

Station Commander John Harvey said: "We know that many people will be hoping to enjoy the outdoors when the weather is good, but we urge everyone to make sure that they don’t increase the chance of wildfire. That means being aware of the risks and following the Scottish Outdoor Access Code.

“Wild and grass fires can start by the careless disposal of cigarettes and barbecues or campfires left unattended.

“They then have the potential to burn for days and devastate vast areas of land, wildlife and threaten the welfare of nearby communities.”

Today’s warning comes as more than 30 firefighters recently tackled a large wildfire in Cannich, near Inverness, which began on Sunday, 28 May and remains ongoing (Wednesday, 7 June).

SFRS works closely with land managers, communities and other safety partners to prevent these incidents from occurring.

SC Harvey continued: “During this time of the year, many firefighters across Scotland are preparing to actively tackle wildfires as they work to protect our communities.

“However, many of these fires are preventable so please read our safety advice and enjoy the weather responsibly.”