Fife woman walks 317 miles to Kirkcaldy Community Fire Station in tribute to late Mum

A woman, who now lives in Stoke-on-Trent, has walked back to her childhood home in Fife, covering one marathon for every year since her mum passed away.

Lisa Foster, 46, embarked on her 317 mile walk on 30 January 2024 from Meir Park, Stoke-on-Trent to Kirkcaldy Community Fire Station in Fife for Pancreatic Cancer UK.

She completed her walk today (Tuesday 13 February) at the station, where a tree in memory of her mum is planted.

woman stands with friends and family against a fire engine

Lisa’s mum, Jean Bruce, who originally came from Cupar, was only 55 years old when she sadly passed away from pancreatic cancer in February 2012.

At the time, Jean was employed by Fife’s legacy fire and rescue service as an occupational health nurse based at Kirkcaldy Community Fire Station.

Lisa’s poignant tribute saw her complete 12 ultra marathons in 13 days, as she made her way up north.

She describes her mum as “the most vibrant and outgoing woman we knew and [who] was never afraid of a challenge.”

The end date of her challenge is especially important to Lisa and her loved ones as today (Tuesday 13 February) marks 12 years since her mum died.

Lisa said: “The journey across the Forth Road Bridge was emotional as my mum and I would power walk across the bridge every night – she was with me every step of the way during this challenge.

“My dad, fiancé, daughter, and my friends have all travelled to meet me at the finish line in Kirkcaldy. Knowing they were all there to see me finish gave me the momentum to get myself up that hill at the end.”

Kirkcaldy Community Fire Station’s Red Watch were also there to welcome Lisa over the finish line.

She hopes to raise £3000 for Pancreatic Cancer UK, a charity dedicated to supporting people with pancreatic cancer, campaigning and funding vital research to transform the future.

Lisa’s fundraising page for her Stoke on Trent to Kirkcaldy Community Fire Station challenge can be found here.

You can keep track of her journey on Instagram and Facebook.

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