Glasgow firefighters rescue stranded pets of Still Game stars

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Firefighters in Glasgow are the toast of Craiglang after rescuing a pair of stranded dogs from a deep-seated fox hole.


Scottish Fire and Rescue Service crews from Castlemilk Community Fire Station were called on Monday afternoon to help free two small dogs who had become trapped after entering the large hole at the city’s Kings Park.

Upon arriving, the firefighters, from Castlemilk's Red Watch, instantly recognised the animals' concerned owners as actors Jane McCarry and Mark Cox – well known as Isa and Tam from Still Game.

Watch Commander Ricky Borland, who was in charge of the rescue operation, said: "The hole the dogs had become trapped down was very deep and was located behind a large felled tree. The fear was that the hole would collapse and trap the dogs inside.

"We had to be very careful with how we worked, but were thankfully able to free the dogs safely.

"Jane and Mark were delighted and were very thankful. We're all big fans of the show, so recognised them right away.”

Having safely rescued and reunited the dogs with their relieved owners, the crew were invited along to the Still Game-inspired ‘People Huv Tae Know’ at the King's Theatre Glasgow this weekend.

Watch Commander Borland added: "It was a successful rescue and a really positive outcome all round. The invite to the show was just the icing on the cake."

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