Hotel Fire Safety

Your guide to staying safe while staying it a hotel.


While you are staying in the hotel, you’ll be in a new environment. Like at home, it’s important you know your emergency escape plan.

  1. When you arrive check guest fire action notices in your room for your nearest fire escape.
  2. Never assume a fire alarm is false. React immediately, every second counts.
  3. Follow signs to your nearest exit, which may not be the way you came in.
  4. Go to the dedicated assembly point and let a responsible person know you are ok.

Fire exits

Make sure you know where the fire exits are. Plan your escape route. It only takes a minute for fire to break out. Then every second counts when you need to escape. Make sure you know the quickest escape route.

The way you came in is not necessarily the fastest or safest way out. Emergency fire exits are there to be used when the fire alarm actuates and will take you into a protected area or directly outside. Always use the closest exit.

Escape route

Escape route information is usually provided on your room door or in close proximity.

Escape stairs

Escape stairs are contained within a fire resistant enclosure creating a protected zone which will lead you to a final exit out of the building.

Every second counts. Know you’re safe.

Smoke alarms

The smoke alarm in your room is there to give early warning if a fire breaks out. Do not cover the alarm or interfere with it. Do not smoke in your room. Help keep all guests safe.