Firework safety 2023

Guide to firework safety 2023

Stay safe this Bonfire Night

  • Follow the Fireworks Code
  • It is illegal to use fireworks before 6pm or after 11pm*
  • It is illegal to buy or give fireworks to anyone under the age of 18**
  • It is illegal to use fireworks in the street or other public places
  • If you are worried about an animal call 03000 999 999


*This extends to midnight on the 5 November and 1am on Hogmanay,
Chinese New Year and Diwali.
**With the exception of F1 fireworks.

Follow the fireworks code

During the bonfire season, most firework injuries treated at emergency
departments happen at informal private displays. Over half of those requiring
treatment are children.

To keep you and your family safe, read and follow the instructions on the
packaging for every firework you use. Check the fireworks code

Keep a safe distance

There are two categories of fireworks you can legally buy to use in your garden, CAT F2 and CAT F3.

With CAT F2 fireworks, everyone in your party must stand at least 8 metres away for safety. That’s around 26 feet - or the length of two family cars parked end-to-end!

CAT F3 fireworks have a minimum distance of 25 metres, or about 82 feet. You really need a garden the length of a local swimming pool for CAT F3 fireworks.

The category and required safety distance will be clearly marked on the outside of the box.

Think of others

If you’re planning on setting off fireworks in your garden, please remember that not everybody responds the same to fireworks. Many people, through no fault of their own, find the spontaneous use of fireworks distressing and traumatic.

If your neighbours have pets, they will need to keep them indoors – so let them know well in advance.