Community Asset Register

The Community Asset Register is a Scotland wide database of volunteers willing to help during an emergency.

What is the Community Asset Register?

The Community Asset Register (CAR) is a Scotland wide database of volunteers willing to help during an emergency. The database plots assets on a map so if an emergency incident occurs, we can identify those who could help. Assets can be people with either skills or equipment.

We manage and host CAR, but other organisations such as Police Scotland and local authorities can access it. The register was launched in 2017 and built on existing local databases. The Community Asset Register is a fantastic way to contribute to your local community.

What are assets?

Assets are the skills or equipment added to the register. Volunteers are the individuals, organised groups and business owners with the skills or equipment. 

We speak to volunteers to understand what equipment and skills they have, so we know what we can safely ask them to do.

Assets can include: 4x4 vehicles, boats, search and rescue, first aid and rope skills.

Current assets registered include:

  • Water rescue - boats, life jackets and floatation aids
  • Vehicles - 4X4s, lorries, tankers and horse trailers
  • Communications - VHF and CB radios
  • Aircraft - drones and small planes
  • Land clearance - chainsaws and all terrain clearance machines
  • Medical - first aid kits and stretchers

We expect volunteer equipment to be maintained in line with manufacturer’s instructions.

How and when do we use assets?

We may ask a volunteer to support if they can:

  • Enhance our incident response
  • Intervene more quickly
  • Provide equipment we don’t have

The majority of incidents are dealt with quickly and efficiently by emergency staff, so volunteers could go long periods without being contacted. To date, volunteers have supported incidents by:

  • Providing 4x4 transport during disruptive weather
  • Helping to clear vegetation to stop fire spread

There’s no obligation on volunteers to provide support, as we will always respond to deal with emergencies. But, if we believe a volunteer could help, we ask if they’re available. If they are, we explain where they should go and what they should do.

Volunteers acting under our instruction, are insured and can claim certain expenses, such as mileage, however we don’t pay hourly rates for their time.

How to register

To register, complete our application form and return it to Please include copies of your relevant qualifications.

Once you've completed the application, we'll ask you to complete a short online induction. 

Then, you'll be asked to sign a minute of agreement. This explains what we expect of you and what you can expect of us. 

For more information, please email us on