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Diversity, Inclusion and Positive Action within SFRS

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service is committed to building a workforce that is reflective of the communities we serve.

To achieve this, we are taking a range of steps to improve equality and equal access to opportunities within our organisation; whilst always maintaining our high standards in ensuring those successful in their applications to join the SFRS succeed on their own merit.

We encourage people from all communities to consider careers with the SFRS as we offer exciting opportunities across a range of roles. We work hard to remove disadvantages that may affect underrepresented groups within our communities. This is done through an ongoing programme of Positive Action Initiatives which we deliver to provide information and support to those individuals who are thinking of joining the SFRS. 

Positive Action is a legally acceptable means of encouraging applications for employment from under-represented groups within the community

Provision has been made under the Equalities Act 2010 to enable employers to redress the imbalance of groups they can evidence are under-represented in the workforce.

If a particular group covered by the legislation has been under-represented within the workplace in the last 12 months, then these groups may be targeted and assistance given to encourage applications for employment.

Positive Action allows for targeted marketing campaigns to encourage interest in a career with the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service.  It also allows for the provision of training and guidance to under-represented groups prior to application for employment. If you would like further information please email

Since the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service's operational workforce (firefighter) has a substantially higher proportion of white males, the Positive Action initiative is aimed at encouraging applications to operational roles from both women and individuals from minority ethnic backgrounds.

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service's commitment to attracting applicants from diverse backgrounds extends to all of its roles - both operational and non-operational posts. For this reason we market our career opportunities using a variety of methods and media.

Positive Action is not Positive Discrimination

Many people often misconceive Positive Action as Positive Discrimination. Positive Discrimination is giving some candidates an unfair advantage in the recruitment process such as lowering the entry requirements. Positive Discrimination is unlawful under current legislation and the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service does not adopt this particular type of initiative.

Positive Action does not mean lowering or diluting standards to help under-represented groups pass our stringent and role specific entry requirements. Only the best applicants are successful based on their skills and merit.

Positive Action in practice within SFRS

As an Equal Opportunities employer, we are striving to ensure that our workforce represents the community in which we work and this can be achieved using Positive Action initiatives.

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service is committed to equality, including ensuring our recruitment is targeted to all of Scotland's diverse communities.  This includes targeting people who may not have previously considered a career in the Fire and Rescue Service.

A workforce that reflects the communities we serve makes us more approachable and assists us in engaging with our communities.

There is now a steady interest from the identified under-represented groups who are thinking about firefighting as a career.

To help raise awareness of a career in the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service we have delivered talks and leaflet drops in various community, religious, leisure and educational establishments. The interest generated has been extremely encouraging.

Forthcoming Positive Action recruitment information events

Throughout the year we will host online Positive Action recruitment information events.

The entirely free online engagement sessions can be used as a first port of call for anyone from underrepresented groups who may have considered, or be considering, a career with Scotland's fire and rescue service.

Our sessions are targeted at societal groups who are underrepresented across our 8000 strong staff.

We are determined to become as diverse as the communities we represent, and these engagement sessions can help us achieve this.

These meetings are designed for anyone who has any burning questions around working within the SFRS, or perhaps who just needs a bit of clarity on a specific topic.

Current staff members from underrepresented groups will be in attendance to provide an honest and accurate insight into working with the SFRS.

Representatives from our People and Organisational Development teams will also be on hand to answer queries around our recruitment processes.

You can find out more about each event and book your place via the links below.

You can also email us here


We currently have no upcoming recruitment information events, but please keep an eye on this webpage for future dates and details.