Water planning and building warrant information

Information on the building warrant applications, firefighting access and water supplies

Building warrant

Building warrant applications and site plans submitted to the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service Water Planning Department must meet mandatory standards

  • 12 - Fire Service access
  • 13 - Firefighting water supplies

Building Standards Technical Handbooks provide more detailed information on these. Domestic and non-domestic handbooks are available at gov.scot/policies/building-standards.

Plans must include:

  • a clear view of the new development
  • an unobstructed view of the road layout and firefighting water supplies

All building warrant submissions must include a location plan, with Eastings and Northings. This enables the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service Water Planning Department to accurately plot the site.

Properties over 7.5m in height

When a proposed property is over 7.5m in height, drawings submitted must clearly indicate a suitable parking space for a fire emergency vehicle. This must be within 18m of the relevant dry riser inlet, as stated within Technical Standards Domestic/Non-Domestic 2.12.1 and 2:14. The property height should be included and expressed in storeys or metres.

Single dwelling house within rural areas

When proposing a single dwelling house within a rural area, the property footprint must be provided in metres squared (m²).

2.12 Fire and Rescue Service access

Drawings submitted must clearly indicate sufficient access providing:

  • road widths
  • dead-end routes
  • axle loading

It should also be compliant with the guidance within Technical Standards Domestic/Non-Domestic.

2.13 Fire and Rescue Service water supplies

Proposed fire and rescue firefighting water supplies either public water supply, or an alternative water supply, should be decided and included on the drawing submitted. It should also be compliant with the Technical Standards Domestic/Non-Domestic.

Scottish Water geographic information system (GIS) PDF plan

To locate your nearest public main or public hydrant, the most up to date database is held with Scottish Water’s nominated third parties. They can supply you with a PDF plan of your requested location. A nominal charge may need to be paid.

Please complete our checklist and forward a location plan and site drawings to SFRS.WaterPlanning@firescotland.gov.uk

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service Water Planning Department will aim to respond to building warrant applications within 28 working days.

Scottish Water’s nominated third parties

Site Investigation Services Ltd

National One-Call

Cornerstone Projects Ltd