Fire and Rescue Heritage Scotland

The heritage acts as the national body for the our charitable interests in relation to educational, cultural and commemorative activities

Who we are

We are a group of individuals with a passion for the heritage of Scottish fire and rescue. 

We look after significant heritage assets, and seek to use the Service’s remarkable history to engage with communities and promote a safer community at large.

  • Robert Benson - Chair and Trustee, FRHS, SFRS Board Member to October 2018
  • Richard Whetton - Treasurer and Board Secretary, FRHS; SFRS Head of Corporate Governance
  • John Thomson - Treasurer and Trustee, FRHS; SFRS Head of Finance and Procurement
  • Mark McAteer - Trustee, FRHS; SFRS Director of Strategic Planning, Performance and Communications
  • Ann Marie Knowles - Trustee, FRHS
  • Iain Morris Trustee, FRHS; SFRS Interim Director of Asset Management
  • David Lockhart Trustee, FRHS; SFRS Deputy Assistant Chief Officer for East Service Delivery Area
  • Cathy Barlow - Trustee, FRHS; SFRS National Community Safety Engagement Manager

What we do

We're passionate about the heritage of the fire and rescue service in Scotland. We want to share this unique heritage far and wide.

This includes:

  • acts of heroism
  • the stories of the individuals who have committed their lives to it
  • cultural and commemorative activities
  • engaging with the public to improve fire safety to help create more resilient communities

We work with groups what operated under the eight legacy services in Scotland. We learn from each other, share ideas and work together to make best use of what we have.


The mobile museum

It travels to open days and events across Scotland. We also have a museum in a box available. It contains educational resources based on the theme of the life and times of a firefighter. It includes:

  • equipment
  • photos
  • ceremonial items
  • medals
Mobile fire museum

Registered Scottish Charity

Fire and Rescue Heritage Scotland is a registered Scottish charity. Scottish Charity Number: SC046924

Until 2021, the Fire and Rescue Heritage Scotland was the Educational, Cultural and Commemorative Trust.