Fireworks Safety

Watching fireworks can be great fun for children. However, figures show that, more often than not, it’s children rather than adults who are injured by fireworks.

Organised Fireworks Displays 2021

If you are looking to enjoy fireworks, the SFRS always advise to attend a safe, organised public display. Events may be cancelled or limited this year due to COVID-19. The period around Nov 5th is traditionally one of the busiest for our fire crews.  Scotland needs its firefighters for real emergencies.  Attending bonfires can cost life saving minutes getting to a house fire.


If you know of another organised fireworks display which isn’t on our list please let us know!  Email


It is safer, better for the environment and often less expensive to attend organised public firework displays.

It is now ILLEGAL for the general public to set fireworks off before 6pm and after 11pm in the evening (this extends to midnight on 5th November and 1am on New Year's Eve, Chinese New Year and Diwali).

If you are unable to attend an organised display, we would ask you to consider the impact of fireworks on people and animals. It is often children rather than adults who are injured by fireworks. The noise and lights that fireworks emit can also be overwhelming for people with a sensory impairment and those with neurological differences such as autism. Animals can also find fireworks particularly distressing.


With COVID-19 leaving many organised public events cancelled, we know that people may consider hosting their own events.

First and foremost, we would urge all of our communities to follow advice and guidelines around social distancing to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19. This is already a traditionally busy period of the year for ourselves and our partners and it is very important that we maintain an ability to respond to other emergencies.

We are therefore strongly encouraging anyone who does wish to host a private event to reduce the risk by ensuring to familiarise themselves with our firework code and fire safety guidance.

Fireworks Code 2020


Keep Your Distance

Other Tips


Disposal of fireworks

 Disposal of Fireworks

After your display used fireworks should be disposed of by soaking for a least a few hours in water before placing in a plastic bag then disposing of the soaked, bagged fireworks in your outdoor general refuse bin.

If you have any fireworks which did not work, do not return to them till after your display has finished. At the end of the display the faulty fireworks should also be soaked, bagged and binned.

Download our Bonfire & Fireworks Safety leaflet so you can enjoy your evening responsibly.