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Safety message regarding Fire Bowls, Fire Boxes and Burners that use Ethanol or Bio Ethanol fuel, Fire Boxes and Burners that use Ethanol or Bio Ethanol fuel

Table top firebowls can create a dangerous fire hazard if not used correctly.

To avoid injury when using firebowls, fireboxes or burners that use ethanol or bio ethanol as fuel, use it safely and follow these guidelines:

  • Always follow manufacturers guidelines
  • Always check that the flame is fully extinguished and hot areas have cooled before filling with any new liquid
  • Never add liquid fuel when a fire is lit/ burning
  • Never over fill the fuel reservoir
  • Clean any fuel spills on equipment, furnishings or skin immediately using a damp cloth and dry completely before lighting
  • Light fires with an extended leg lighter or extra-long match, do not discard matches in the burner

General Fire Precautions

  • Never leave a lit Ethanol burner unattended
  • Extinguish all fires when leaving a room or before going to sleep using the lid or flame killer provided
  • Keep fireboxes and burners away from combustible furnishings
  • Keep fireboxes and burners away from children and pets
  • Regularly clean and check containers for damage and never use a leaking container
  • Always place fireboxes and burners on a non-combustible, stable surface
  • Always use Bio Ethanol burners in a well-ventilated room
  • Never put your hand in the burning flames or fuel

Note: This news story via STV News details serious injury caused by a firebowl (Warning: graphic content)