Prevention and Protection

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service works to protect every community not only by responding to incidents, but also by preventing them from happening in the first place.

Ensuring every home is fire safe

Across Scotland, every firefighter is trained in how to help residents lower the risk of a fire starting and how to raise their chances of escape if the worst does happen. Our crews conduct thousands of free Home Fire Safety Visits every year: They search for fire hazards, advise people how to ensure a quick escape, help householders produce fire action plans and even fit free smoke alarms. Key partners like housing associations, local authorities and the police help your Scottish Fire and Rescue Service reach those who could use a little bit of extra help, so our crews can ensure they live in a fire-safe home.

Spreading the fire safety message

Fire can strike anywhere at any time – something Scotland’s firefighters know all too well. Special occasions and celebrations leave our communities particularly vulnerable, with alcohol, cooking and fireworks a potentially lethal combination. The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service works to prevent tragedy striking when our guard is down, with key safety messages reaching the public via radio, television, newspapers, magazines, social media and the internet. The people of Scotland are a vital ally in the battle to ensure we all live in fire safe communities, and SFRS strives to ensure fire safety messages hit home, so fire doesn’t.

Engaging with schools and community groups

Firefighters are at the heart of their communities and an alliance with schools, youth clubs and countless other organisations ensures the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service is working in partnership for a safer Scotland. Crews train partner agencies' staff and volunteers in how to identify fire hazards, lower risks and raise safety. Community firefighters visit groups to increase awareness of simple steps everyone can take to prevent fire and protect lives.