SFRS’s celebration of LGBT History Month

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SFRS has been celebrating LGBT History Month - an integral part of our year-round commitment to equality, diversity and inclusivity in the workplace.

David Farries

With the Rainbow Flag flying above the National Training Centre and Service Delivery Area HQs, it’s been a busy February with many highlights including: a ‘Time to Talk’ event on how to be an LGBT ally; a recruitment event for members of the LGBT community; and - especially well received – LGBT colleagues and allies sharing their personal stories.

We’ve also explored this year’s LGBT History Month theme of ‘Blurring Borders’. In Scotland, we have seen many positive steps to improve LGBT equality but, despite advances in liberation and rights, LGBT people are still fighting discrimination around the world. There are still 69 countries in the world where being LGBT can result in a lifetime of imprisonment or even, in some countries, be punishable by death.

Everyone - not only LGBT people and their allies - can help to encourage progressive change internationally through example and by showing the strength of solidarity across borders.

SFRS’s LGBT Senior Champion, David Farries said: "We want to do everything we can to create and encourage an inclusive environment that supports all our staff and reflects the communities we serve. SFRS’s contribution to LGBT History month has been outstanding and I would particularly like to thank colleagues who shared their own personal experiences as members of the LGBT community and allies.”

SFRS’s commitment to inclusivity continues beyond LGBT History Month. The use of the correct gender pronouns, for example, can sometimes cause confusion. People often ask what are gender pronouns? What do they mean and when should we use them? We’re promoting this handy guide which answers these questions.

And in March, Stonewall Scotland will be delivering a fantastic learning opportunity for all SFRS colleagues to find out more about LGBT+ inclusion, terminology, language and how to be an ally.

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