Crews help to reunite dog with his owner

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Firefighters in Stonehaven joined forces to rescue a young dog after it got stuck down rabbit warrens in a wooded area.

Young Fred, the miniature Jack Russell, got a little too curious and managed to get himself stuck when he went searching in the large holes in Dunnotar Woods, Stonehaven.

Realising the situation, his owner quickly phoned for help and firefighters from Stonehaven and Inverbervie fire stations came to assist the dog.

Crews arrived in the evening of Wednesday, 27 July and following a conversation with the owner, started digging to free Fred.

After around an hour of digging, they managed to successfully find and reunite the Jack Russell with his owner.

Crew Commander Gavin Strachan was one of the firefighters on the scene, he said: “Both crews worked extremely hard, and it was very pleasing to see Fred was ok.

“It’s always relieving when you are able to have such a positive outcome and reunite a pet with their owner, especially when they are unscathed.”

Fred and his owner were reunited with his rescuers on Tuesday, 2 August when they visited Stonehaven Fire Station to thank the firefighters.

The station is crewed by on call firefighters who respond to emergencies via a pager system.

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