Glasgow residents and businesses reminded to store excess waste safely during refuse collection disruption

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The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service is encouraging the safe storage of waste during the current disruption to refuse collection in Glasgow as a result of ongoing industrial action.

Businesses and residents are being reminded to ensure waste is stored appropriately and that common areas, stairwells and fire exits are kept clear to avoid any fire risks.

Roddie Keith is the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service’s Local Senior Officer for the City of Glasgow. He said: “We continue to work alongside all of our local authority partners, including Glasgow City Council, to minimise risk wherever possible. But there is no doubt that the real work starts in the home and the workplace.

“We welcome the ongoing support of our local communities and business owners – and by following all of our safety guidance in relation to the safe storage of refuse, everyone can help to reduce the risk of fire.”

SFRS safety advice includes:

  • Store any refuse in a secure area if possible
  • Consider storing excess dry paper, cardboard and washed plastic and glass recycling in bags within a shed, garage or available bin store until normal service resumes
  • Keep garages and sheds locked if refuse, cardboard or paper is being stored in these locations
  • Keep refuse, carboard and paper away from naked flames or heat sources such as cookers or heaters
  • If possible, keep refuse stored away from electrical sockets, chargers and multi-point adaptors
  • Keep all flammable liquids locked away
  • Continue to recycle where possible and limit any accumulation of refuse in areas that may be easily accessible
  • Keep escape routes clear at all times
  • Warn other people if a fire breaks out. Then get out, stay out and call the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service out by ringing 999

LSO Keith added: “We work to ensure that our communities are safe from fire by providing regular advice and guidance, and working with our partners wherever possible. As part of our routine fire inspection and audit work we will be highlighting any large accumulations of refuse to responsible persons so that the appropriate action can be taken to help to reduce any risk.

“It is also important that duty holders and responsible persons carry out their own ongoing monitoring and review of refuse storage. It may be that additional temporary storage capacity needs to be created to ensure any excess refuse can be safely stored. 

"We strongly advise householders against lighting a bonfire to dispose of waste or other items. There is a risk of uncontrolled fire spread, some material within domestic waste may be highly flammable or can even explode. And the smoke emitted can result in wider damage to the environment.

“All bonfires are dangerous so we are also asking everyone to ensure that those in their household, including the young people in their lives, are aware of the consequences of setting a fire.”

Visit here for safety advice relating to disruption or reduction of refuse collection. 

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