Wildfire warning for July 17 and 18 affecting Eastern Scotland

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Warm weather and rising wind speeds forecast for this weekend have increased the risk of surface fires across Eastern Scotland.

The wildfire danger assessment has been issued by the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service today (Friday, July 16) in conjunction with the Scottish Wildfire Forum (SWF).

These surface fires could burn and spread with moderate to high intensity over Saturday and Sunday.

In Easter Ross, Inverness-shire and Morayshire, there could be very high fire intensity with wind speeds the highest on Saturday.

Area Commander Bruce Farquharson, the SFRS Wildfire Lead, said: "We are in the height of summer and with the warm forecast for the weekend it could bring with it the potential for wildfires, which can devastate vast areas of land and wildlife.

"As always, we would urge people who live within the high risk regions to be extremely careful.

"Please act safely and responsibly if you are out and about over the next few days."

Follow the Scottish Outdoor Access Code.


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