Firefighters in charity quest for life-saving equipment

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By Jamie Milligan

Cameron and crew in front of an appliance

A crew of firefighters will brave a 10 mile walk in full protective kit in an effort to bring life-saving equipment to their rural Ayrshire village.

Retained firefighters from Muirkirk Fire Station are preparing to take on the challenge wearing personal protective equipment complete with oxygen tanks.

The fundraising trek is organised to raise funds for two defibrillators for the village.

According to firefighter Cameron Girvan, 24, who helped organise the epic effort, having access to life-saving equipment would be a huge boost for everyone in Muirkirk.

He said: “Muirkirk is a rural village, so having access to defibrillators can only be a good thing.

“We’re taking it upon ourselves to drive this forwards, but this is for everyone – it’s something everyone would like to have.

“It’s for a really good cause and is something we’re doing for the whole village because we know it will help greatly.

“The whole community is right behind us - Muirkirk is like that.”

While Cameron and his crewmates are determined to succeed, the scale of their challenge is not lost on them.

Cameron revealed: “We all know it’ll be a challenge, but we’re looking forward to it.

“We will have our eyes on the prize throughout and know what a benefit having the defibs will bring to the community

“If people would like to come out and support us they’d be very welcome.”

Cameron and his crewmates will undertake the challenge on Sunday, December 8.

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Muirkirk is currently on the look-out for retained firefighters.

Retained firefighters protect communities throughout Scotland and respond to emergencies via an on call pager system.

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