Firefighters across Scotland are using the same Breathing Apparatus - thanks to a £5.2million investment

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A total of 2,200 new BA sets - from international manufacturer, Draeger - have since gone operational.

Firefighters across Scotland are now using the same Breathing Apparatus sets to enhance their response not only to fires but a range of different incidents anywhere across the country. 

Crews from the most northerly station in Unst, Shetland now use the same equipment as firefighters 529 miles away in Drummore, Stranraer – Scotland’s most southerly fire station.

Thanks to a £5.2million investment, this means crews can now operate across former legacy service boundaries with a greater degree of ease with no variation in their Breathing Apparatus sets.

And that interoperability allows them to respond effectively, ensuring their safety and therefore the safety of Scotland’s communities.

The major project has been the biggest to date for the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service as it continues to move forward. 

A total of 2,200 new BA sets - from international manufacturer, Draeger - have since gone operational. 

The new equipment provides a working duration of around 38 minutes, has integrated radio communications and can be better adjusted to fit each individual firefighter for their comfort and their safety.

After the final BA set was delivered, Assistant Chief Officer Lewis Ramsay said: “This has been an extensive and carefully planned project to ensure consistency of the essential breathing apparatus used by our firefighters.

“This means that they can operate with greater ease across the former legacy boundaries, protecting them and keeping them as safe as possible as they work to assist our communities at a range of different types of incident where our crews require respiratory protection. 

“This is yet another major step forward for our national service and I thoroughly commend all of those involved in this major project for their dedication in helping us build a safer Scotland.”

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