Chief Officer leads remembrance of firefighters who died in Kilbirnie Street tragedy

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Chief Officer Alasdair Hay led a wreath laying ceremony at the Glasgow Necropolis

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service today marked the loss of seven firefighters on the 46th anniversary of the tragic Kilbirnie Street warehouse fire.

Chief Officer Alasdair Hay led a wreath laying ceremony at the Glasgow Necropolis to pay tribute to those who gave their lives protecting others.

He told those gathered at the memorial: “I wish to pay great tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice on the frontline.

“Time may never fully soothe the feeling of loss - but I know that as we stop here today to look back on their lives, the memories will be sharper and clearer for everyone who knew and loved them.

“I am proud to say that I can look around me every day and see that their spirit lives on through our dedicated and professional firefighters who continue to serve and to protect our communities, at times in the most challenging of circumstances.”

The disaster unfolded shortly after 11.20am on Friday, August 25, 1972 when crews from the former Glasgow Fire Service raced to the scene of the ferocious blaze at the Sher Brothers’ warehouse in Kilbirnie Street.

Divisional Officer Andrew Quinn and firefighters Alistair Crofts, Iain Bermingham, Allan Finlay, William Hooper, Duncan McMillan and James Rook all lost their lives that day.

Chief Officer Hay added: “The lessons of the past have shaped our values of today. As firefighters, we learn and we adapt - and we continue to answer that call when people reach out for our help.

“The sacrifice made by these incredibly brave firefighters at the Kilbirnie Street fire will never be forgotten. Our thoughts will always abide with both them and their loved ones.”

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