Local plan for Moray approved as house fires continue to fall

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Local plan approved by Moray Council after consultation

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ACCIDENTAL dwelling house fires in Moray have fallen by more than 20 per cent.

New statistics revealed by the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service show that the number of fires reported fell from 24 to 19 in 2017/18.

During this time, dedicated firefighters have kept pushing prevention by carrying out 708 free Home Fire Safety Visits in the area.

The statistics were delivered by Local Senior Officer for Abderdeenshire and Moray David Rout at a meeting of Moray Council’s Police, Fire and Rescue Services Committee on Thursday, November 23.

The meeting also celebrated SFRS’ close working with its partners as the service’s new plan for the Moray area was approved.

LSO Rout said: “The Local Fire and Rescue Plan for Moray sets out our priorities for addressing local needs and circumstances and I’m delighted that the elected members at the Police and Fire & Rescue Services Committee have given it their full support.”

The plan was developed in consultation with the public and partners and as well as highlighting the local and national priorities for the service and how performance will be measured, the plan focuses on six local priorities for Moray:

  • Unintentional Harm and Home Safety
  • Non-Fire Emergencies
  • Anti-Social Behaviour
  • Non-Domestic Fire Safety
  • Unwanted Fire Alarm Signals
  • Emergency Response and Community Resilience

The importance of partnership working runs throughout the Moray fire and rescue plan, with the sharing of information between agencies and targeting resources at areas of greatest need being the key - an example of this being the effective Moray Community Safety Hub.

LSO Rout added: “The SFRS does not operate in isolation and the plan supports the crucial role of community planning in helping to deliver the ambitions of the Moray Community Planning Partnership through its Local Outcome Improvement Plan.”

The service’s involvement in road safety initiatives such as Safe Drive Stay Alive and Crash Live was also highlighted, and the committee heard of the service’s focus on recruitment and retention.

LSO Rout also provided a report to the Committee on ‘Her Majesty’s Fire Service Inspectorate Local Area Inspection for Moray’. The area welcomes what was overall a very positive report and is developing an action plan to implement the recommendations and ensure continuous improvement across Moray. 

LSO Rout also delivered the year-to-date performance report to the Committee and highlighted the following areas;

  • 21% reduction in Accidental Dwelling Fires
  • 22% decrease in Fire Casualties
  • The Area continues to improve performance in relation to the delivery of Home Fire Safety Visits
  • 17% reduction in Deliberate Fires
  • 14% reduction in Non Domestic Fires
  • 9% reduction in Unwanted Fire Alarm Signals

Following approval of the new plan, Police, Fire and Rescue Services Committee chair Cllr James Allan paid tribute to LSO Rout, who is due to retire from the service.

He said: “David will have completed 33 and a half years of service with the Fire and Rescue Service when he retires in February.

“During this time he has worked tirelessly to protect local communities within Moray and throughout the North East.

“Before the transition to the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, David was the Head of Operations for Grampian Fire and Rescue Service and during this time he worked hard to ensure a smooth transition from Grampian Fire and Rescue Service to the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service.

“David was the First Local Senior Officer serving Moray and has done an outstanding job in leading staff within the area to make a positive contribution to Community Safety and this has been reflected in the performance reports that have been provided to the committee.

“In his role David has been very proactive within the Community Planning Partnership and has always promoted Partnership Working and Collaboration to ensure that the Communities within Moray receive the best service that they possibly can and that the Fire and Rescue Service have made an effective contribution to this.

“David has no immediate plans for the future other than to have a well-deserved break.”

Members of the Committee joined the chair in thanking David for his service and the contribution that he has made to Community Safety within Moray.

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