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There are on average, almost 100 caravan fires in Scotland every year

A fire can take hold of a tent in less than 60 seconds.

Canvas can catch light from candles giving campers less than a minute to escape safely.

There are also on average, almost 100 caravan fires in Scotland every year.

Assistant Chief Officer David McGown is the Director of Prevention and Protection for SFRS.

He said:  “A fire in a caravan or mobile home can be devastating as it can spread much more quickly than it would in a house or flat.

“We want holidaymakers to take extra care and think about fire safety when they are away from home.  We cannot stress enough the importance of working smoke alarms in a caravan.

“If fire breaks out, a smoke or heat alarm will alert you and give you time to react safely and sensibly. If you are sleeping, a working alarm could be your only chance of waking up.  Heat alarms are ideal for cooking areas.”

It is also important to know the risks associated with carbon monoxide (CO).

Heating and cooking appliances can cause CO poisoning if they are poorly installed, incorrectly used, inadequately ventilated or if they are not regularly or properly maintained

Consider fitting a CO detector and ensure that the caravan is well ventilated.  Gas cylinders should be kept outside. Never store petrol, diesel or gas containers under your caravan.

ACO McGown added: “Tents can be destroyed by fire in 60 seconds, there are things you can do to avoid this.

  • Never smoke or use candles inside a tent - these can be lethal. 
  • Torches are a safe alternative to candles.
  • Never take a portable barbeque - or lit charcoal - into an enclosed space like a tent or caravan.
  • Never cook inside a small tent.
  • Campfires should also be a safe distance away.  

If you are going camping it really is worth reading our summer safety leaflet to make sure you can enjoy a safe holiday."

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