Stay safe this summer around Barbecues

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SFRS sees an increase in BBQ incidents in the summer

Barbecues are a sure sign that summer has arrived – but they can get out of control quickly.

Firefighters attend incidents every year where barbecues have gotten out-of-hand and destroyed property.

And with warmer weather it is likely that there will be an increase in barbecues and potential fire risks.

One of the main causes of fire is the careless disposal of barbecues into bins - some of which already contain combustible materials.

Assistant Chief Officer David McGown is the Director of Prevention and Protection for SFRS.
He said: “We want people to enjoy the good weather and stay safe at the same time.

"Take a moment to read our safety advice to help make sure you avoid fire or injury and enjoy your summer barbecue.

“It’s important to never leave a barbeque unattended, with children and pets kept away from the cooking area.  

“We would also recommend that you avoid alcohol if you are in charge of a barbecue – it can affect your co-ordination and judgement.

“When you’ve finished cooking remember not to dispose of ashes until they are cold to the touch - hot ashes can melt a plastic bin and can also cause a fire. 

“Gas barbecues can also present possible hazards if not used carefully.  Avoid gas leaks and changing gas cylinders outdoors or in a well ventilated area are important considerations.”

Join Scotland's fight against fire and follow some simple advice to ensure your barbecue is a safe and enjoyable event.


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