Seeing Double? Identical twin firefighters back SFRS recruitment campaign

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The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service opened a recruitment campaign on November 30

Karen and Nicola

Identical twin firefighters Karen and Nicola Bennett have proven an inspiration to those wishing to join the Service.

The sisters fronted the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service’s 2016 wholetime recruitment campaign celebrating those who stand on the front line.

The pair talked about how hard they had worked to secure their dream jobs – and also how their baffled colleagues struggled to tell them apart.

Karen said: “Throughout the campaign, people were coming up to us asking about being a firefighter and it was great to give them encouragement.

“I would recommend a career as a firefighter.  Every day is different and you get to help people. 

“There are so many learning opportunities in the service from water rescue to rope rescue.  We have the chance to train in all areas of the fire service - and not every job can say that.”

Nicola said: “We were delighted to learn that our story encouraged people who were unsure about joining the service to just go ahead – and do it.

“People still perceive the fire service as a male dominated career but this is certainly not the case - our shift is like our family.  We work for a great team and I would recommend this career to anyone.”

The twins, aged 39, joined the Service in 2009 and now work different shifts at the same SFRS station in Dunfermline.

Karen said: “There is always confusion - especially when we have to cover another shift. 
“If someone new comes into the station they think they see us all the time because we are on opposite shifts.  It can drive them demented!”

Nicola and Karen are not only professional firefighters but mums to young daughters.

Nicola said: “Working the shift system works great for us.  We can spend time together, as we are on opposite shifts, and can have our family time too. The time we get off and the holidays allow us to be flexible for childcare.”

Karen added: “The job is definitely good for people with young kids.  I can attend school events as well as taking my daughter to school. I also get to spend time with my sister which is an added bonus.”

If you are inspired by Karen and Nicola’s story and would like to apply to become a firefighter, visit: /peoplelikeyou.aspx

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