Piper welcomes Swedish delegation to SFRS HQ

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The Swedish guests were given a tour of the facilities after receiving informative presentations from senior SFRS figures.

Swedish Visitors with Pat Watters and Alasdair Hay

An international delegation was given a traditional welcome to the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service’s national headquarters earlier this week. 

The 21-strong group representing senior fire and rescue figures from southern Sweden was piped into the world-class training facility at Cambuslang on Monday.

Chief For IFF

They were thereafter greeted by SFRS Board Chair, Pat Watters, and Chief Officer, Alasdair Hay.

The purpose of their visit is to learn about the journey of the national Scottish service since it was first created four years ago - and how it uses innovation and expertise to keep communities safe.

Speaking after the welcome, Mr Hay said: “It was an absolute pleasure to welcome our visitors from Sweden to this world class training facility, which sits just outside Glasgow.

“As the fourth largest fire and rescue service in the world, we are always delighted wherever possible to share our learning and experience from over these last four momentous years.

“We have come a very long way over that short space of time thanks to the expertise, dedication and utter professionalism of our fantastic staff.

“But we are always seeking to identify innovative and creative working practice, and we very much look forward to hearing, in turn, from our international partners about how they keep their communities safe.

“This is a most positive event which promises great value and much potential.”

Piper David Murdoch

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