Hard-hitting emergency event in Elgin geared towards protecting public

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Multi-agency partners will work together during a series of mock, but realistic emergencies

Firefighters will join forces with emergency service partners to show how they can protect the public at times of crisis.

They will team up with medical professionals, police and coastguard colleagues at the hard-hitting event staged in Elgin.

And they will tackle a number of different training scenarios – including a house fire resulting in a casualty with burns, a suspension trauma and a major road traffic collision.

An effective partnership between agencies at the scene of a genuine incident can mean the difference between life and death.

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service has invited the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh’s Faculty of pre-hospital care and NHS doctors to the event which will take place on Wednesday, 21 September at Elgin Community Fire Station.

Police Scotland traffic officers will also be in attendance alongside Scottish Ambulance Service paramedics, MCA Coastguard and BASICS doctors. BASICS stands for British Association for Immediate Care.

Station Manager, Gordon Morrison, said: “Knowing what pre-hospital care casualties need at the scene of a serious incident is vital for us.

“The crews will learn that we can request the assistance of BASICs doctors if required.

“BASICs doctors will also be available via telephone in the early stages of the incident and can provide crucial information, which we can deliver to a patient at the scene.

“This link is potentially life-saving.”

The event will also give trainee doctors from Dr Gray’s Hospital in Elgin an opportunity to work out with the hospital environment.

It is also being supported by the Sandpiper Trust and the Moray Motorcycle Club who have made a donation towards the equipment used by BASICS doctors.

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