Ballater crew receive Pride of Aberdeen award

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Award organisers praise firefighters for going ‘above and beyond the call of duty’

Ballater boat

Firefighters in Ballater have been honoured at the Original 106 Pride of Aberdeen awards.

The Aberdeenshire village of Ballater was badly flooded during the New Year storms that swept across much of Scotland.

Local firefighters worked around the clock to ensure the safety of the local community, even while their own homes and stations were being flooded.

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On Saturday, Crew Manager Andrew Wimbush went up to collect the Search and Rescue Award on behalf of the Ballater crew.

Award organisers said firefighters had gone ‘above and beyond the call of duty’ to rescue over 200 residents from Ballater with no loss of life.

Watch Manager at Ballater Fire Station, Richard Cooper said: “The crew are honoured to have received this award and I would like to thank everyone who nominated us.

“It was a horrible day that will live long in the memory of local residents and all those involved.

“But I am extremely proud of my team for responding as they did and supporting their local community, even when their own station and homes were being affected.

“Thanks must also go to our partner agencies, without the help of which we could have been a lot worse off.”

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