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Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and Police Scotland will go to war next year - to raise even more for charity

Firefighters And Cops

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and Police Scotland went to war at the weekend - to raise money for the vulnerable and the elderly.

The emergency service partners work closely together on a daily basis in order to keep communities across Scotland safe from harm.

But they stood on opposite sides at a tug of war match at the West Lothian Highlands Games at Meadow Park in Bathgate on Saturday, 28 May.

The event was staged to raise funds for the Cyrenians charity who support the elderly and the vulnerable.

Donations are nearing the £1000 target.

And the event was won by Police Scotland who bagged two out of three pulls.

But firefighters demanded a re-match next year - which police accepted.

The sporting epic was organised by firefighter Scott White.

Scott, 44, is a martial arts teacher but based at the SFRS station in Bathgate as a retained firefighter.

He came up with the charity fundraiser after carrying out a Home Fire Safety Visit at the home of a vulnerable member of the community.

Scott said: “This was a fantastic event and we cannot thank our Police Scotland partners enough for a very tough and hard-fought contest.

“There is no doubt that both teams put in every ounce of effort to secure bragging rights!

“The support from the public has been overwhelming. We would like to thank them for their encouragement and generous charitable donations.

“This was a great opportunity to speak to them afterwards about our home fire safety visits and how they can help to keep their families safe from harm.”

He added: “We did, of course, challenge Police Scotland to a re-match next year - and they accepted. Game on."

Alex Clark is the SFRS Deputy Chief Officer with overall responsibility for the delivery of emergency services to the communities of Scotland.

He said: “This is a very good example of the benefit of our Home Fire Safety Visits where we identify vulnerable members of the community and work with partners to provide them with as much support as possible to keep them safe.

“But firefighter Scott White clearly went one step further and engaged with this fantastic charity to try and secure yet another level of support through an innovative befriending service.

“The SFRS tug-o-war team is a credit to the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and I would like to thank them along with our Police Scotland partners and the West Lothian Highland Games for their very great efforts in making this possible.”

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service team, all based at our Bathgate station, were:

  • Scott White: 5ft 11", 16st, age 44
  • Gary Barker: 6ft 1", 17st, age 47
  • Gordie Adams: 6ft 2", 18st, age 33
  • Sean Stutt: 5ft 9", 13st, age 29
  • Ryan Yule: 6ft 2", 14st, age 31
  • Douglas Alan: 5ft 11", 17st, age 54
  • Austin Cooper: 6ft, 16 st, age 34
  • Michael Kean: 5ft 6", 12st, age 20

The Police Scotland team were:

  • Fergus Middleton: 6ft 2in, 17st, age 38
  • Liam Arbuthnott: 5ft 11in, 14st, age 30
  • David McGowan: 5ft 10in, 13st, age 32
  • Scott Doull: 5ft 8in, 13st, age 29
  • Gordon Waters: 5ft 11in, 14st, age 33
  • Scott Boyle: 5ft 10in, 14st, age 30
  • Stewart Strath: 6ft 3in, 15st, age 42
  • Michael Bell: 5ft 10in, 14st, age 35

To contribute to the fundraiser, visit:

To arrange a free Home Fire Safety visit contact SFRS on the freephone number 0800 073 1999, by texting ‘FIRE’ to 80800 or by filling in a form at

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