Crews remain at scene of major hillside fire near Tongue

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Firefighters work with local landowners to douse flames and restrict spread of fire


Firefighters remain at the scene of a major wildfire which broke out on a hillside in Sutherland last night.

Crews arrived to find two fires on opposite sides of a hill near Tongue, with one stretching all the way from Ben Blandy to Modary. Both fires covered a total area of approximately seven square kilometres.

Firefighters immediately set out a plan to tackle the fire and avoid any risk to property and power lines, spraying water and using beaters to quell the flames.

Operations were scaled back overnight due to lack of visibility and recommenced during day break, where the fire was split into four separate sectors.

Thanks to the hard-working effort of our crews in sweltering conditions, the fire was reduce to an area of around two square kilometres. Firefighters are now working on one sector and are using beaters to dampen hotspots.

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