Crews attend building fire in Dundee last night

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Firefighters were called to respond to a building fire at Kingsway Koatings in Dundee last night (17 May).

close up of appliance

Crews arrived to find a well-developed fire within the industrial powder coating company. Firefighters fought the fire from outside the building using an aerial rescue appliance and high pressure water jets due to a partial collapse of the roof.

Operations control staff in Dundee received several 999 calls at 7.41pm and immediately dispatched crews from Kingsway fire station who arrived on-scene three minutes later. Additional crews from Macalpine Road and Balmossie fire stations were then quickly requested.

The fire was put out just before 9.30pm with crews remaining, using a thermal imaging camera, to confirm there was no hidden fire spread within the building’s structure and left the scene at 11.35pm.

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