Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) to throw open its doors to Ayrshire’s Maybole community

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Skilled crews will stage rescue operation from height, reveal vintage fire engine and say farewell to colleague who served for 30 years

Jane Mc CullochJane McCulloch

The SFRS will throw open its doors to the community of Maybole this month – and showcase the professional rescue skills of firefighters.

Families and members of the public of all ages are invited to head along to the station in Wellington Street at 11am on Saturday, April 30.

People can chat to the firefighters and learn how they endeavour to keep the community safe while children will be greeted by a vintage fire engine.

SFRS crews will then stage a simulated rope rescue of an ‘unconscious casualty’ from height.

This will involve two highly-trained firefighters negotiating the outside of a building to reach the ‘casualty’ while being guided by colleagues below.

But it does not end there - for firefighters will also be staging another simulation where they will demonstrate how they can safely remove an ‘injury casualty’ from a vehicle wreckage.

This is highly technical work as firefighters have to use heavy cutting equipment while ensuring the ‘casualty’ can be safely extricated from the vehicle.

And the Maybole community will also be given a chance to say farewell to Jim Davidson who is retiring as a retained firefighter after 30 years’ service.

They can also support the Firefighters Charity as soft toys, t-shirts and caps will be available to buy.

The public will also get to meet with other blue light emergency services including Police Scotland and the Scottish Ambulance Service. The Coastguard and British Red Cross will also be in attendance at the Open Day which is being supported by Maybole Community Council.

Jim DavidsonJim Davidson

Jane McCulloch is the SFRS Crew Manager at Maybole and a firefighter with 27 years’ experience.

She said: “The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service is looking forward to bringing together the community of Maybole at our Open Day. We have been working very hard to ensure that this event is both interesting and informative.

“We are confident that it will give the public a rare insight into the highly skilled rescue work that we perform in order to keep them safe. This is also a chance for the public to speak to us and find out all about the work that we do.”

She added: “We will also be saying a big public thank you to Jim Davidson for his time and commitment over the last 30 years. I would also like to thank the other emergency services, along with the coastguard and British Red Cross, as well as Maybole Community Council for their support.”

Mark Fletcher, chair of Maybole Community Council, said:  “The Community Council has a very good relationship with the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and we are always happy to support them and all of our emergency services wherever possible.

“The Open Day will be a fantastic opportunity for everyone to come together and find out how the emergency services operate, and say farewell to Jim Davidson who is a highly respected member of our community - I will certainly be attending.”

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