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What we'll do next

There will be exciting times ahead as we work closely with the heritage groups, exploring what they do or would like to do, finding out what they need, asking for their ideas, looking for synergies - working out how the Trust can best assist them - and how they can best help the Trust and the SFRS.

Longer term, we’ll also be working towards:

  • gaining accredited museum status for the redeveloped Museum of Fire in Edinburgh, opening in 2022
  • developing a national calendar of events and activities
  • expanding our communication channels to reach a wider and more varied audience- including digital access, the press, media, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
  • working with project partners such as community groups and local authorities to identify specific groups such as the elderly, young people involved in anti-social behaviour and those already in the justice system to improve safety and social cohesion
  • preparing a Heritage Lottery Fund application, to help the Trust come together and run smoothly. 

FRHS is a Registered Scottish Charity: Scottish Charity Number: SC046924

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