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Supporting COP26

Proud to support COP26 in Glasgow.

Our staff worked alongside key delivery partners to safeguard the public throughout the global climate change summit in Glasgow in 2021.

During the major event, which took place between October 31 - November 12, firefighters were based at the main COP26 event sites adjacent to the SEC and Glasgow Science Centre.

Trained water rescue teams were also positioned near the River Clyde, close to the venue, to ensure rope rescue and other specialist crews were available if required.

Prior to COP26, the Service participated in a number of multi-agency testing and exercising events with partner agencies.

And our Prevention and Protection teams worked closely with the hospitality sector to ensure fire safety measures were in place, including at hotels. 

Our COP26 Safety Booklet offers advice to the public on how to stay safe.

Be safe in your accommodation

  • Check guest notices in your room for details on your nearest fire escape
  • Follow signs to your nearest exit, which may not be the way you came in
  • Never assume a fire alarm is false
  • React immediately, every second counts
  • Leave by your nearest exit to the dedicated assembly point and let a responsible person know you are ok.

Advice for renting out your property to guests for a short-term stay

  • Fire Safety Law applies to you.
  • Make sure you know your responsibilities and undertake a fire safety risk assessment to keep people staying in your premises safe from fire.
  • Ensure that you have adequate fire detection.
  • Identify escape routes ensuring these are not blocked.
  • Make sure your property does not become overcrowded.

SFRS is working together for the environment

  • Our crews will be on the front line in responding to the predicted rise in weather extremes in the years to come. That’s why SFRS has pledged to reduce its own carbon footprint.
  • The Service has set out a climate change response plan which aims to reduce emissions by six percent each year until 2030. The goal is to be carbon neutral by 2045.