Fire and Rescue Heritage Scotland

Fire and Rescue Heritage Scotland was set up in 2016 by the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service to act as the national body for the Service’s charitable interests which relate to Educational, Cultural and Commemorative activities. It was originally named the Educational, Cultural and Commemorative Trust until 2021.

We will work with the Service across Scotland to look after significant heritage assets, and seek to use the Service’s remarkable history to engage with communities and promote a safer community at large.

1921 historic fire image

We are registered as a charity, are compiling a forward business plan and plan to recruit dedicated staff to support the Trust in the near future.  

Our Trustees:

Robert Benson

Chair and Trustee, FRHS; SFRS Board Member to October 2018

Richard Whetton Treasurer and Board Secretary, FRHS; SFRS Head of Corporate Governance
John Thomson Treasurer and Trusetee, FRHS; SFRS Head of Finance and Procurement

Mark McAteer

Trusetee, FRHS; SFRS Director of Strategic Planning, Performance and Communications

Ann Marie Knowles

Trusetee, FRHS

Iain Morris

Trusetee, FRHS; SFRS Head of Asset Management

David Lockhart

Trusetee, FRHS; SFRS Deputy Assistant Chief Officer for East Service Delivery Area

Cathy Barlow

Trusetee, FRHS; SFRS National Community Safety Engagement Manager


Once fully established, the Trust will be active on many fronts across Scotland.  We are still in “early days” but will grow step by step with the aim of being as inclusive and responsive as possible.

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The ECCT is a Registered Scottish Charity:  Scottish Charity Number: SC046924