Fire and Rescue Statistics

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service publishes two statistical bulletins annually; the Fire Safety and Organisational Statistics are published in August and the Incident Statistics are published in October of each year.

Alongside each bulletin, tables and charts are provided in a downloadable workbook and recent publications are accompanied with a highlights infographic. Policy documents are also provided and updated periodically. Until 2015, statistics about the fire and rescue service were published by Scottish Government.

The next bulletin to be published will be:

  • Fire and Rescue Statistics in Scotland (Incident data) - 31 October 2018 at 9.30am
Fire and Rescue Statistics in Scotland (Incident data)

Detailed overview of incidents attended by the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service at Scotland and Local Authority level, including statistics on fires, special service incidents, casualties and false alarms.  Published annually.

SFRS Fire Safety and Organisational Statistics

Statistics on the SFRS workforce, fire stations, fire vehicles and appliances, attacks on fire and rescue personnel, home fire safety visits, and non-domestic fire safety activity.

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To be published on 31 October 2018 Statistics 2017-18
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  Highlights Infographic 2017-18
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Incident Statistics 2016-17 Statistics 2016-17
Incident Statistics Tables 2016-17 Tables and Charts 2016-17
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Statistics 2015-16
Statistics 2015-16
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Tables and Charts 2015-16 (Corrected) Tables and Charts 2015-16
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