Area: East

16 Dunnikier Road,

01592 261601

This wholetime station covers a mobilising area which includes 27,333 domestic and 2367 non-domestic properties.   

Kirkcaldy Fire Station was officially opened on 20th April 1938. The final cost of the new station was £15,235 15s 11d (£15,235.80) and most modern methods of fire prevention were incorporated in the design and structure.

A number of auxiliary staff were employees at Nairn’s linoleum works, a tradition which remained until the part-time service in Kirkcaldy was disbanded in 1976. 

It was therefore fitting that a member of the Nairn family should officially open the new station and Mr Alistair Spencer Nairn, nephew of Sir Michael Nairn, Bart., declared the station open on the morning of April 20th 1938.

In preparation for the pending hostilities of World War II, Kirkcaldy Town Council had considerable organisational problems to deal with and the Fire Service was one of the biggest. Under the Air Raid Precautions issued by the Scottish Office, massive recruitment for the Auxiliary Fire Service began in September, 1938.

The War ended for Kirkcaldy Fire Station on Monday, November 5th 1945. The air-raid siren at Kirkcaldy Fire Station would be used to alert the part time firemen in future.

Kirkcaldy Fire Station was the HQ for Control until January 1972 when they moved to the new HQ at Thornton.

On March 31st 1976, the part time service at Kirkcaldy Fire Station was disbanded and the town was only served by the full time service from that date. This also marked the date when all the part time firefighters were equipped with pocket alerters.

Kirkcaldy folk, especially those who lived near the station, would no longer hear the wail of the siren which alerted the part time between 0700 and 2300.

1x Water Ladder

1x Water Tender

1x Aerial Platform

1x Hose Carrier Lorry