At work

Follow these few simple steps to make sure your work place is fire safe this winter.

  • Keep your Fire Safety Risk Assessment under review and revise where necessary.
  • All staff, including temporary staff, must be fully aware of the fire routine for the premises.
  • For the safety of your staff and customers, ensure that all exits are kept clear excess stock.
  • Don’t allow rubbish to build-up and empty refuse containers regularly.
  • Secure bins away from buildings and avoid blocking fire exits.
  • Make sure security staff have keys to access lock-fast areas of your premises and that the keyholder list is up to date.
  • If your premise is fitted with sprinklers, ensure that the stock is not too close to sprinkler heads; this practice can make the sprinkler system less effective.
  • Check fire shutters and smoke curtains, if fitted, are not blocked by clothes rails or stock.
  • Ensure your fire alarm system and fire extinguishers are maintained, and that fire alarm call points, signs and notices and fire fighting equipment are free from obstruction.