Your Safety

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We have some suggestions to help you stay safe:

Water Safety Scotland has produced bespoke guidance to help keep anglers safe in and around water.

The code should be your first port of call before planning any fishing trip or angling activity.

The below safety guidance is included in the code and should be followed at all times to help keep you and others safe.

  • Check forecast and weather conditions before you go
  • Make sure you let someone know where you are going to fish
  • Make sure you know exactly where you are - consider something like an OS locate app for a smart phone or a map
  • Give them an idea of when you are likely to return
  • Take a fully charged mobile phone and check signal strength, know how to use it and who to call in an emergency
  • Never fish during an electrical storm
  • Double check your fishing spot. Is it safe? For example, riverbanks can erode and just because it was safe one day doesn’t mean it still is
  • Always dress appropriately, sturdy footwear, sun hat in hot weather, warm layers in cold
  • Coastal and sea fishing is particularly high risk
  • Make sure you know your spot is safe and you won’t get cut off by the tide
  • Expert evidence suggests that many of these lives would have been saved if the casualty had been wearing a life-jacket