For Young People

Young people have an important role to play in helping us protect our communities from fire and other emergencies.

Here is some advice to keep yourself safe:

  • Tell an adult if you find matches or lighters lying around 
  • Practice what you'd do if your clothes caught fire. STOP, don't run. DROP to the floor and ROLL to put out the flames. If someone else's clothes catch fire, use a blanket, a rug or a thick coat to help put out the flames

You should never - 

  • Play with matches or lighters 
  • Play with a lighted candle 
  • Play close to a fire or heater 
  • Pull on electric cables, or play with electrical appliances or sockets 
  • Switch on the cooker 
  • Put anything on top of the cooker 
  • Put things on top of heaters or lights

If you see a fire, always remember

  • To tell someone straight away – an adult if possible
  • Get out of the building as soon as possible
  • Never go back into the building for anything