Outside your home

Don’t let your household rubbish and recycling start to pile up. Stay on top of it and you cut the risk of a fire outside spreading to your home.

Rubbish and clutter

Piles of old clothes, plastic packaging and newspapers are places where fires can get started and they can also generate poisonous fumes. Don’t allow rubbish or any flammable materials to build up anywhere near heat sources, electrical sockets or appliances.

Garages and sheds

Garages and sheds are often full of fire hazards such as spare petrol, paper recycling, tins of paint and gas bottles for barbecues.

Keeping your garage or shed clear of clutter like flammable liquids or piles of paper is an easy way to cut the risk of a fire.

Your garage or shed is also a good place to fit a heat alarm. This type of alarm is ideal for areas where there are normally high levels of fumes, smoke or dust.

Gas bottles and flammable items

Propane and butane gas bottles are pressurised containers and can be very dangerous if they’re involved in a fire – even when empty. Always:

  • Take empty bottles back to where you bought them or have them collected as soon as you can
  • Keep them away from strong heat sources other than the unit for which they are designed
  • Read instructions for use very carefully

All flammable liquids such as petrol, paint and solvents should be stored carefully. Make sure to:

  • Keep them in their proper containers and make sure they’re clearly marked
  • Keep away from heat sources and material that burns easily like rags and papers
  • Keep them locked in a cupboard outside in your shed or garage, not in the house
  • If the place where they are stored catches fire, tell the fire & rescue service what is in there