Fire safety is particularly important in bedrooms - remember, if you're asleep, you will be slower to respond to fire.

Electric blankets

Electric blankets must be checked regularly and used with care. They don’t last forever and after their guarantee runs out (usually 3 years) they should be tested and serviced by the manufacturer.

It might just be cheaper and safer to buy a new one.

Portable heaters

Portable heaters can be handy in the winter to keep the cold off but they need to be used carefully - and, extra carefully if they’re in the bedroom!

Smoke alarms

A smoke alarm placed near to bedrooms will alert you to a fire, even when you’re sleeping.

Smoking in bed is definitely not recommended, but if you do, there should be a smoke alarm inside the bedroom. Remember to test all your smoke alarms every week.

Bedroom doors

Make sure your bedroom door is kept shut at night – it’ll will help stop the spread of smoke and flames if fire does start.